Flower of Life

Flower of Life

The Beginning…

The ancient symbol of the Flower of Life is part of what is called Sacred Geometry. It is found all through the ancient world in Europe, Asia, South America and many other regions, it appears over and over in many cultures, pagan sites and religious sites.
Some believe the Flower of Life is at the start of creation, even the human cell when under a microscope seems to take on this sacred geometrical symbol.

The Flower of Life infuses form and harmony contributing to the re-organisation and structuring of water.

The Flower of life contains multiple, evenly spaced, overlapping perfect circles, with 6 fold symmetry (the same as a hexagon). The beginning point is the centre of the circle.
Within this perfect circle is simple geometrical structure that suggests life itself appeared from a single source. Cell division is the procedure while every “thing” as has reached and fulfilled it’s exact harmonious form. This Ancient Design symbol is infused into the products. The water put into the Flower of Life baring products then remembers this “ancient and original code” through the influence of the Flower of Life. Your water will find its form and harmony symmetrically whilst corresponding to the basic structure (hexagon) and this exact same original hexagonal form is seen in the Flower of Life.

Flower of Life

All these ancient naturally designed products and created individually following the Golden Ratio, one experiences structured revitalised water from them, this will be the same if one puts wine in a carafe or fresh organic fruit juices. When you choose a product that also has the Flower of Life sealed into it you will additionally empower the liquid with greater benefits and “information”.

You will witness four types of the Flower of Life present on the products and will often be able to choose between all of them for your unique product. These alternative Flowers of Life will give structured, revitalised water additional benefits.
The colours will have a different effect on individual people and bring up certain associations and emotions for them.

The Flower of Life is created in the products by being burned in the product from the outside at  600 °C.

The various types…

Choose the type of Flower of Life you want intuitively, the one that you feel drawn to, perhaps the description of each type below will guide you.

The Gold Flower of Life (24-carat gold)
This Flower of Life is most frequently chosen by people in every country. It contains real Gold, which is renowned for it energising power. So this particular Flower of Life empowers, structures and revitalises water with life-force energies.

The Happy Flower of Life (Multiple Colours)
This beautiful rainbow gives us the natural happy association, the colours of the rainbow give a positive impact to you the frequency of each colour will resonate with you. Thus this Happy Flower of Life enriches your water with an optimistic and positive vibration that helps create a sense of well-being internally and externally.

The White Flower of Life (Pure White)
The colour white is renowned for it’s ancient purity. White is associated with goodness, with honesty, the beginning, perfections and innocence. The White Flower can empower you in many ways, opening up your perception and creating a feeling of openness to others ideas and being able to be take action on positive opportunities.

The Platinum Flower of Life 
Platinum is very rare just 0.005 ppm (parts per million) are found the earth’s crust. For those who posses it should be grateful and proud, so the Platinum Flower of Life can enhance confidence in oneself and allow us to feel more love to ourselves and be able to give that out.