Jasmina Glass “Gold” Flower of Life (300ml)

Jasmina Glass “Gold” Flower of Life (300ml)


This beautiful drinking glass is mouth blown made with traditional workmanship following the golden ratio. A truly enriching way to enjoy your favourite drinks, made from lead-free glass and suitable up to 70°C / 158° F.

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The drinking glasses are designed using the same principles as all glassware, and have the same effects on what is placed within them. The glass is mouth blown, and therefore an original item. Water and juices put into it will be intensified in its biological valency and will develop a more flowery bouquet. The design of the energy glass, is made using the law according to the golden mean, This mathematical model found almost universally in nature is often referred to as Sacred Geometry, because it is the geometry of life.

Using the energy glass for drinking water and other liquids increases the biological value and improves flavor. The energy glass is specifically designed for intensive use and safety, so it is suitable for children as well as commercial use.
We at Ancient Design personally believe in gratitude to power and energy of the liquid you consume, weather that be a fresh veg / fruit juice , clean water or herbal tea. Drinking from a quality glass that is designed around energy can only be beneficial to what you consume.

The Gold Flower of Life (24-carat gold)
This Flower of Life is most frequently chosen by people in every country. It contains real Gold, which is renowned for it energising power. So this particular Flower of Life empowers, structures and revitalises water with life-force energies.

Capacity: 0.3 liter / 10 fl .oz.
Production /  material: Mouth blown through traditional workmanship, from lead-free glass suitable up to 70°C / 158° F.


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