Incense Burner & Aroma-Oil Diffuser “Light Lucerna”

Incense Burner & Aroma-Oil Diffuser “Light Lucerna”


Burn your Incense and Essential oils in this amazing Incense burner & aroma-oil diffuser, known at the Light Lucerna it comes with white Flower of Life. Mouth blown traditional workmanship made from glass and wood.

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This unique mouth blown diffuser for your natural incense is the perfect way to introduce a healthy and natural scent into your home. The translucent glass chimney is placed on a hand-crafted wooden base which is made from natural ashwood. The elegant and harmoniously designed form creates a soft, dimmed candle-light. This very unique combination of both incense burner and aroma-oil diffuser allows multiple applications. The glass incense bowl inside is heat resistant it has been emblazoned with the White Flower of Life).

The White Flower of Life.
The colour white is renowned for it’s ancient purity. White is associated with goodness, with honesty, the beginning, perfections and innocence. The White Flower can empower you in many ways, opening up your perception and creating a feeling of openness to others ideas and being able to be take action on positive opportunities.



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