Olive Wood – Jug / Pitcher “Cadus” Flower of Life (1.5L)

Olive Wood – Jug / Pitcher “Cadus” Flower of Life (1.5L)


This new 1.5L size is now available… An exquisite rare and beautiful water / juice pitcher / jug. Perfect for parties or just to store your water for the morning. This unique Pinus Cembra Cadus (Water Jug / Pitcher) was created using the Golden Ratio and embossed with the Flower of Life. Sacred Geometry used in your home for revitalised water.  Comes with a wooden cap created from Swiss Stone Pine wood rich in a rare and effective essential oil which scents and enhances the flavour of the water. Created using natural materials in Switzerland.

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A new water experience because you taste nature with every sip. Healthy and completely natural alternative to flavoured water. The wooden cap from Swiss Stone Pine wood contains a valuable essential oil which scents and enriches the flavour of the water in the carafe.

The juice, water or smoothie you pour from jug is vitalised, rich in natural energy, embodied with the Flower of Life symbol and lusciously  infused with the natural Swiss Stone Pine aroma. This natural aroma of the Swiss Stone Pine is experienced best at typical room temperature (around 20c).

How to use: Fill the Jug / Pitcher with clean water or juice, the liquid will revitalise after 3 mins. 1hr 30 later you’ll find the water to have a slight aroma and taste of Swiss Stone Pine, this will increase more over the next hour.

Size: 1.5L
Creation: Mouth blown traditional workmanship. Lead-free glass suitable up to 70°C / 158° F.

This Jug / Water Pitcher comes with the Olive Wood lid


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