Sports Energy Bottle “Lagoena” 500ml (Flower Of Life)

Sports Energy Bottle “Lagoena” 500ml (Flower Of Life)


The classic Natures Design Lagoena Bottle now available as a sports bottle, with easy open flip cap and sports style drinking design. Take your eco bottle with it’s amazing water enhancing effect to the gym or as you run. Designed following the golden ratio and with the White Flower of Life emblazoned into the base.

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Mouth blown and handcrafted and made from lead-free glass suitable up to 70°C / 158° F. This incredible Glass Water Bottle has the White Flower Of Life emblazoned into the base. It has been design with the Golden Ration and in conjunction with the White Flower of Life it will structure your water and keep it free of nasty plastics.

This practical Lagoena water bottle was developed specifically to take with you anywhere. With the proportions of the golden ratio and hand-blown from temperature-resistant refractory glass, the Lagoena meets the highest standards for quality. It is different to the Thank You Eco-Bottle in it has the Flower of Life. With a capacity of 500ml and a sports cap, the Lagoena won’t leak, and it fits all popular bottle-carriers/holders. A precisely-fitted shell of natural cork protects the bottle against shock. This non-slip covering feels wonderful in your hand and can be removed for cleaning with a few flicks of the wrist.

The LAGOENA WATER BOTTLE comes with a White Flower of Life variant fired in the bottom of the carafe. This additional firing makes the glass more break-resistant. In color therapy, the color white is associated with healing, openness and completeness in perception.

Intended for intensive every day use. Please note that all glass vessels can exhibit changes in the surface appearance (development of milky structures) with the use of aggressive cleaning products. Hand washing is recommended for carafes with the Flower of Life burned into the bottom. Deposits on the glass are best removed using warm water and a little citric acid. Apply and let sit for 2 hours before rinsing. Do not use the citric acid on the outside of the carafe.

The effectiveness of the LAGOENA WATER BOTTLE carafe to revitalise liquids placed within it is created by its physical shaping. The product’s ability to create these effects is guaranteed as long as the physical shaping is preserved. No additional electrical, magnetic, intentional or any other kind of energetics are required to create the revitalization effect.




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