Pine Diffuser (Swiss Stone Pine) Pinus Cembra

Pine Diffuser (Swiss Stone Pine) Pinus Cembra


A rare an carefully crafted Pine Diffuser, this piece was created using Swiss Stone Pine, it’s presented with Pinus Cembra wood shavings and pure Swiss Stone Pine Essential Oil. Use this diffuser to deliver into the air of living and work space a Natural Organic pure fragrance, that will transport your senses to the Swiss Mountains and experience this calming, relaxing and truly divine scent. Presented in a beautiful tubular box, with the Swiss Stone Pine tree printed on it, which makes it a superb gift idea also.

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This beautiful and carefully crafted Fragrance Diffuser is made from Swiss Stone Pine, designed as a stunning, elegant piece, it can sit comfortably into any room.

The divine aroma of the Swiss Stone Pine essential oil delivers the Swiss Mountain scent into your home, this natural organic essential oil has a soothing, relaxing effect.
Swiss Stone Pine is highly recommended for those having respiratory issues and can be very beneficial if one is experiencing a common cold.

This rare essential oil of the Swiss Stone Pine Tree restores and ensures respiratory well-being. You could benefit from its effects by placing it next to your bed while you sleep.

Swiss Stone Pine essential oil can neutralise odours, be it the from cooking, cigarette smoke or animals.
Over and over people tell us it contributes to a better atmosphere.

Simply put the Swiss Pine Stone shavings into the Swiss Stone Pine Fragrance Diffuser, pour 5-10 drops of the Swiss Stone Pine essential oil on them and enjoy the enlightening Swiss mountain tree fragrance.
Many people like to sit comfortably close their eyes and meditate, taking deep breaths of forest freshness. Swiss Stone Pine essential oil is calming and relaxing.

With this purchase you get:

  • Pine Fragrance Diffuser (made from Swiss Stone Pine).
  • Swiss Stone Pine essential oil.
  • Shavings from the Swiss Pine Stone Tree (Pinus).

Height / Diameter: 10.5cm / 8.5cm
Refills are available.


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