If you have experienced water from a natural spring you will know about the taste and energy this water has. In the typical family household water travels through old often copper or plastic pipes, even with filtration the water is lifeless and often has poor taste. This is no surprise given the distance water travels, the process it experiences and pollutants it’s exposed to.
So we must visually document, the damages this experience causes to the structure of our water. So before-and after photographs are taken of the water crystals from all products. These test results come from the E. F. Braun laboratory Uttingen, Switzerland. All the water samples have been photographed using the procedure developed by Masuru Emoto.

Each sample taken from the products demonstrates highly-positive alterations with  fine, symmetrical crystalline structures. These changes are created and supported by the design components, the Golden Ratio and the Flower of Life, with the carefully selected natural materials, give the water a new, fresh, agreeable, unadulterated, and natural flavour, as close to nature as you can get.


Typical tap water  (weakened by the unnaturally high pipe pressure and the flow in said pipes).


Following 3 minutes in a naturally designed water container is enough to improve the weakened tap water.

Survey results from the laboratory EF Braun, CH-3628 Uttigen, Switzerland. Water crystals photographed in accordance with the procedure developed by M. Emoto.